Writer / Producer

  • “Extreme Makeover” Theme for ABC
  • “Must See TV” NBC National Theme Song
  • “Good Day Live” Theme for FOX
  • “Rebecca’s Garden” Theme for NBC
  • “Odyssey Channel” Network Theme Song
  • “Passport To Europe” Theme / Travel Channel
  • “Girl Meets Hawaii” Theme / Travel Channel
  • “Ralph’s … First in California” Jingle
  • “Smiths” / Kroger Jingle


Ron Bolton began his recording career as a session vocalist singing national commercials for companies like Toyota, Denny’s, and Disney. He quickly gained recognition as a composer / producer and landed the NBC Network theme song “Must See TV” in the late 90’s. From that time forward, Ron has created numerous themes for networks as well as countless jingles. His compositions range from solo guitar to employing the Prague Symphony Orchestra on projects like “Extreme Makeover”.

ron bolton

Ron Bolton is an International Gold Medallion Award winning composer / producer and president of Origin Music Productions Inc., a music production company specializing in creating music for Advertising, Jingles, TV Themes & Promos, News Music, Scoring, Radio Station ID’s, and Corporate Events.

His music has been chosen by major TV networks to promote their national campaigns and to launch new networks. He has produced music for some of the highest profile companies in the world like NBC, ABC, FOX, DISNEY, The MUPPETS, QUALCOMM, and many more.